Can Your Roof in Fort Lauderdale Survive Strong, Gusty Winds?

On Saturday, May 31 (literally the day before the Hurricane Season started), a violent storm blew through Jackson, Wyoming. The storm’s gusty winds ripped a newly installed metal roof off of one of Jakson’s hotels. The 49er Inn and Suites had its roof peeled off on that Saturday. It blew off the hotel and landed on the parking lot and street below. It obstructed the eastbound lane of the Pearl Avenue. Thankfully, no one was injured or hurt.

Steven Meadows, co-owner of the 49er Inn and Suites said that a roofing contractor did not secure the western corner of the eaves yet, despite the severe storm warning that was issued on Saturday morning by the Teton County Emergency Management. The new metal roof was part of a larger $4 million remodeling and expansion project of the hotel. Now the hotel needs to underdo some reroofing. 

For us who are living in South Florida, we have first-hand experience with strong tropical storms and hurricanes. We have seen the effects of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma, and who can forget Hurricane Andrew? We know how the winds and rain can get with the hurricane season. That is why it is important to have a sturdy roof over your head.

The people of South Florida shouldn’t have to live with the fear of probably seeing their home’s roof fly away due to hurricane force winds. If that were really to happen, it would leave the family’s lives in jeopardy. They would be in a roofless house. It would cost the family a lot of money and it will take away their sense of security.

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