Looking For a Reliable Roofing Company in Fort Lauderdale?


In South Florida, the roof of your home needs to be just as reliable as the car you drive to work every day. With Fort Lauderdale being designated in the high velocity hurricane zone, insurance companies are specifically evaluating the integrity of their customer’s roofs. While some may fear this is to increase their premium, a well-crafted re-roofing, or adequately repaired roof, can actually cause the homeowner to receive a reduced premium.

Roofs that have been installed since 2001, in compliance with the Florida Building Code, are eligible for a substantial discount from their insurance carrier. With people trying to save as much money as possible now days, there is no better time to invest in a reroofing of your South Florida home.

K & C Roof Maintenance adheres to the most up to date changes in the Florida Building Code. Our staff has in-depth knowledge as to which roof, whether metal, asphalt, or clay, will best suite you and listens to what you the client are looking for in order to feel safe.

Some may argue that despite the age of their roof, it has proven to be able to withstand some of the toughest hurricanes that Fort Lauderdale has ever seen. While this may give the homeowner peace of mind, the homeowner’s insurance will not be as satisfied. Homes aged over a certain amount (depending on the carrier) are required to have a licensed inspector complete a roof condition certification in order to inform the carrier of the exact condition of their roof. Even though a few tiles missing here and there may not bother the homeowner, the insurance company will not be as forgiving.

K&C Roof Maintenance provides the utmost care in roof repair for the Fort Lauderdale area. Whether it is just a few tiles to be repaired, or it may be time for a new roof, our company will not complete a job without leaving both the customer and insurance company completely satisfied.

Whether a full reroofing is needed for your home, or just a few small repairs are required, K&C Maintenance is ready to equip your Fort Lauderdale roof with the best protect against a hurricane. While the idea of replacing your roof can seem overwhelming, our company is ready to put all of your worries to rest. Call us today at (954) 260-1497 or go online to get a free estimate.


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