Quality Roof Repair in Fort Lauderdale


As the summer begins, the Florida weather starts to heat up and rainstorms are the norm of the day.  You know it’s that time of year again when local rain, lightning, and near-hurricane winds may leave their indelible damage on your roof.  Calling a roof repair company in Ft. Lauderdale is sometimes frustrating because of the many options available. While the majority of companies are well established, others can be unreliable and not only ruin the job but leave you with the work half done.  KC ROOFING LLC provides you with the skills, safety, and quality work that your roof needs.  Your family will sleep securely under the protection and comfort that our company provides.

The business of roofing has become overly complicated because of the many different repairs that arise, especially in a tropical city like Ft. Lauderdale.  There are almost as many options of services as there are companies.  Here at KC ROOFING LLC we excel in overall roof repair services, both residential and commercial, throughout Ft. Lauderdale and beyond.  A solid roof is an absolute necessity in a commercial building, not just for the safety of workers but of customers entering and leaving.  And isn’t it nice to know you can arrive home and relax knowing the roof above you is in excellent condition and no leaks will surprise you?

An experienced roofer in Ft. Lauderdale may give you a repair estimate but then they might notice other quick fixes that your roof needs, causing your total repair cost to soar.  Here at KC ROOFING LLC we provide you with a free estimate but also a thorough examination of your roof and any damage that may incur in the future.  An experienced K & C roofer will be able to tell you not just the repairs which need to be done, but also any indications on your roof of possible leaks, damages, or ceiling collapse in the near future.  K & C roof repair services include leak repair, roof painting, waterproofing, and any replacement material that your roof needs.

K & C also offers other hands-on work such as your choice of roof installation (asphalt shingle, metal, gravel, etc.), and professional pressure washing.  Pressurized washing of your roof by our seasoned professionals diminishes the chances of damage to your home and shields its top with a better cover when those pesky Ft. Lauderdale storms arrive.  Plus, the addition of chemicals to the water help prevent mold and mildew which in time cause damage to the entire structure of your home.  Roof repair can be reduced to a minimum by these services that K & C is qualified to do.

When it comes to roof repair, experienced roofers and any roofing concerns, KC ROOFING LLC are among the most skilled in Ft. Lauderdale.  Contact us at (954) 260-1497 for all your roofing needs and we will gladly assist you in repairing or replacing your roof.



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