Be Prepared Before Hurricane Season Begins


The nation’s leading hurricane experts predicted that this hurricane season, there is going to be nine named storms, with only three becoming hurricanes. That’s not too bad compared to last year’s predictions. Last year, the hurricane experts forecasted that there was going to be 18 named storms, with four being major hurricanes. Mother Nature had something different in stored for the nation. The hurricane season for 2013 produced 13 names storms and only two of them were major hurricanes.

The predictions were relatively close. Maybe this year, the hurricane season will bring less storms and hurricanes. We won’t know for sure until later. However, it’s never too early to start preparing for the new hurricane season, which starts Sunday, June 1, 2014. The earlier you start, the more confident you will feel about your home or office being protected.

You don’t want to have any kind of roofing problems. Check your roof over and over again before the heavy rainfall and violent winds start producing. Some of the most common roof damages caused by hurricanes include:

  • Removal of roof decking
  • The shifting of a roof due to a tree falling on it
  • Removal of shingles from windward rake
  • Shingles displacement
  • Tile roof destruction at the roof corner, at a rake, or at a ridge

Hiring an experienced roofing company can save you your own time and energy. KC ROOFING LLC is a roofing contractor located in Fort Lauderdale. With 15 years of roofing experience, this roofing company continues to perform roof inspections, conduct pressure washing, complete roof installations, and roof repairs. We do commercial roofing, as well as residential roofing. Our skilled roofers provide top notch customer service. They are honest and tell you exactly what repairs need to be done for your specific roof.

KC ROOFING LLC is dedicated to keeping your family safe during any kind of weather. We offer high quality workmanship because we want to make sure that you all will be secure under your roof, especially for when the hurricanes come to South Florida. Get ready now that you have time. Prepare your home and your roof for whatever Mother Nature has in stored for us this year. Call today to speak to a roofer.

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