Top Five Reasons Why K & C is the Best!


K & C Roof Maintenance has been serving the people of South Florida for more than a decade. Thanks to their attention to detail and spectacular customer service, K & C Roof Maintenance is the most trusted name in Fort Lauderdale roofing. Thousands of people have placed their roof in the capable hands of the professionals at K & C Roofing and they were rewarded with excellent craftsmanship and first rate customer service. The professionals at K & C Roof Maintenance are ready to help anyone with roof repairs, installation or pressure washing in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re still not sold on the work done by K & C Roof Maintenance, here are the top five reasons why they are the best in town!

5. Pressure Washing: Maintaining your roof, porch or patio has never been easier thanks to the pressure washing and cleaning services offered by K & C Roof Maintenance. Pressure washers are by far the most efficient way to blast dirt and grime from roofing shingles, patio tiles or walls. Pressurized water has enough power to power through stubborn dirt and grime without doing any harm to your roof.

4. Installation: Plenty of people have no idea when it’s time to replace their roof. A waterfall going down the walls is a pretty good bet that it’s time to call K & C Roof Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, but in most cases a worn out roof is much more difficult to identify. If your roof is over 20 years old or you’re thinking about putting your house up for sale, then it’s even more important that you call K & C Roof Maintenance.

3. Commercial Roofing: Business owners have a ton of stuff to do on a daily basis. As a result, improvement projects often fall by the wayside. When your commercial roof begins to leak, contact the roofing experts at K & C Roof Maintenance as soon as possible. K & C Roof Maintenance is proud of their reputation as one of the top commercial roofers in South Florida. We can install a variety of roofing materials and guarantee we can get the job done in time and on budget.

2. Experience: K & C Roof Maintenance was founded way back in 1999 and they’ve been providing top quality roofing services to the people of Fort Lauderdale. When you work with a professional roofing like those at K & C, you’re getting a roofer who can get the job done no matter what. Nobody has more combined roofing experience than the employees at K & C Roofing.

1.  Customer Service: K & C Roof Maintenance is a great company focusing on customer satisfaction and honesty. Our customers come to us requesting more extensive roofing needs and we deliver. Our dedicated customers appreciate our work and most importantly trust our opinions. Call today for more information!

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